Who the hell knew this would happen?

In a poll on what people call their main meal, tea or dinner, tea has won.

Tea, a kind of herb drink, is what people eat as a main meal in Bendigo.

“I thought people ate dinner, but nup,” said Dinner Citizens Alliance (DCA) member Gary Cahill, 36, Sailors Gully.

Yes, the DCA have stuffed up bigger than David Cameron with Brexit.

Food lost to a liquid in the vote about eating.

How the hell did that happen?

“We have a good pot or two before bed and that’s all we need,” said Tea Party representative Marcy Owen, 78, Kennington.

She looked stoned.

It seems freezing flavoured, boiled water and crunching on that as a meal is the major source of evening sustenance for people in Bendigo.

Or at least it won the vote.