Man Discovers New Cat Species in Rosalind Park, Turns Out to Be Just a Possum

Local resident Kevin Thompson claimed to have discovered a brand new cat species in Rosalind Park. However, it turns out that Thompson’s groundbreaking discovery was just a regular run-of-the-mill possum.

Mr Thompson shared the findings with his friends and family, who were initially sceptical but intrigued by the possibility of a new feline species roaming Bendigo.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Thompson told¬†The Bendigo Standard. “The creature had pointy ears, a long tail, and cat-like eyes. I was sure I had discovered something special.”

However, the truth behind Mr Thompson’s “new species” began to unravel when local wildlife experts got wind of the excitement. Dr Emily Parker, a renowned zoologist, visited Rosalind Park to investigate the claims.

“It didn’t take long for me to realize that Mr Thompson’s newfound species was, in fact, just some random possum,” Dr Parker stated with a hint of disappointment. “While possums are fascinating creatures in their own right, they are definitely not cats.”

Despite the setback, Mr Thompson remains optimistic about future discoveries. “Well, at least I can say I found something interesting, even if it was just a plain old possum.”

The Bendigo Standard reached out to Thompson for further comment but received no response, as he was reportedly busy inspecting his garden for other mythical creatures.

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