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Apple DVD Rewinder

Its cool, its fashionable and it promises to save you time and money. Its the all new DVD rewinder.

Apple’s new DVD rewinder has hit the shelves this week. Department stores stayed open all night for consumers to be the first in the world to grab a DVD rewinder. Its come out just in time for Christmas next year.

This device promises to save you time by rewinding your old DVD’s sitting in your entertainment unit that you’re too lazy to rewind. It will also save you money so that you don’t have to pay a fee for returning un-rewound DVD’s.

Noby Doldrums from Sony’s Digital Media department says: “Our consumers require quality products that will help save them time and money”.

Some of the features include an in-built MP3 Player, a clock radio, and an optional cordless phone. The rewinder also doubles as a smoke alarm and an emergency light for times when there are blackouts.

If you call now, the first 10 orders will receive a free magic bullet that’s guaranteed to save you time and money in the kitchen. Not only will you get the magic bullet the first 10,000,000 orders will get the Apple magic mullet cutter – guaranteed to give you the best looking mullet in Long Gully.

The rewinder comes with an optional DVD player (Not Included). It requires 10 D size batteries.

Bendigo Mayor Rod Fyffe has put his name behind the DVD rewinder. “Crikey, she’s a little beauty” Rod says. A limited edition Green color with Rod’s signature is a big boost for Apple.

Apple’s first DVD rewinder was developed back in the 80’s for Michael Jackson’s Thriller Filmclip as a way of recording and then rewinding the DVD for quick distribution to MTV – Jackson later reveilng the reason he wore a white glove over his deformed hand, and half a nose was missing was because they both got caught in the machine.

Later on back in the mid 90’s was used as product placement on an Episode of Friends when Phoebe was recording her song “I love to do some stuff with you”.

Apple’s Motto is “If It Doesn’t Rewind, Then Its Not Worth Having”.

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