Dr Yami Oshni of Okado died yesterday and the news has left many 😮

“I’m </3 he was a much loved man,” said one fan of Dr Oshni’s art.

Another commented: OMG I’m like DX :I V.V O_O %( and :’-(

And there was: @}->—-

And even the classic: ))<=>((

His artwork touched the lives of millions, including celebrities such as 5:-) =:o] 7=) and //O-O\

One admirers said, “When you think about what he’s left us with it’s >>^^<< big time.”

“He was a massive O:) to many,” said someone who worked with him this one time on something.

Bigger than Banksy, Dr Oshni’s last symbols were: {{{}+HH&^

This has left many =/

He died of a sudden stroke.