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Locals Baffled By Climate Talk

Despite data proving otherwise, a number of Bendigo residents have written to The Bendigo Standard in protest of what they call the Climate Change Hoax.” Apparently soaring temperatures and lack of rain are lost on them, with one resident proudly declaring “huh huh. Sure looks like global warming!” On the one rainy day in October.

To better understand this phenomenon, The Bendigo Standard spoke with leading climatologist Benjamin Dover of the University of Woop-Woop. “Well, it’s a funny thing, isn’t it?” Said Mr Dover. Upon reading the hoax theories sent to The Bendigo Standard, he declined further comment.

Journalists at The Bendigo Standard conducted their own research beginning Tuesday by taking a thermometer outside and recording the temperature. By Wednesday, the temperature had gone down slightly. Is there any weight to the Climate Change Hoax theory? Is global warming a scam run by the Rockefeller’s in conjunction with the Illuminati? Have your say in the comments below.

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