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Parents On Laptops Complain About Kids On Tablets

“Yeah, but, yeah, but they shouldn’t doing it,” said Con Decending, 26, of Junortoun.

Screen time for children has been a hot topic over the past few weeks, and parents have taken to Twitter, Facebook, and television to voice their concerns.

“Yeah, but, yeah, but they’re so young it ruins their eyes,” said Mr Decending.

Which is why so many adults wear glasses?

“Yeah, but, yeah, but also, it ruins their ability to communicate, yeah, that’s a skill they don’t teach you, yeah,” said Mr Decending.

Hence why adults text and email, and use apps to date.

“Yeah, but, yeah, but, I just worry about the kids so much,” said Mr Decending.

Which is why you force them to wear hats outside when at school, but don’t wear them yourself?

“Yeah, but, yeah, but this is just a reminder that we all should wear hats, and eat bananas, and use screens less, and lead by example, so children are inspired by the adults around them,” said Mr Decending.

So we should stop drinking alcohol and smoking because it’s not good for children it probably isn’t a lot healthier for adults, and that would make a better world in the future?

“Yeah, but, yeah, but let’s not go too far,” said Mr Decending.


The end.

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