Barista or Soccer Player?

Can you spot a barista if you saw one in the street?

Take our quiz and see if you can separate the baristas from the soccer players.

There’s eleven to choose from.

Decide if the person could make milk froth or take a penalty.

If they can grind a bean or keep a sheet clean.

If they should add sugar or execute a nutmeg.

Answers are at the bottom of the page.

b jo inge berget

c Michelle Heyman

d Pete-Licata

e mile jedinak

f Neymar

g Jelle Van Echelpoel

h Laila-Willbur

i Josh Brilliante

j iker casillas

k Corey Scoble


a) That’s Bendigo’s 2014 Highly Commended barista Steven Bishop

b) That’s Norwegian soccer player and former Celtic FC flop forward Jo Inge Berget

c) That’s Australian soccer player and Matilda forward Michelle Heyman

d) That’s American and 2013 World Barista Champion Pete Licata

e) That’s Australian soccer player and captain of the men’s national team Mile Jedinak

f) That’s Brazilian soccer player, hip-hop hat wearer and Barcelona forward Neymar

g) That’s Belgium barista and 2013 Swedish Latte Art Champion Jelle Van Echelpoel

h) That’s American and 2014 United States Barista Champion Laila Willbur

i) That’s Australian soccer player and barista look-a-like Josh Brilliante

j) That’s Spanish soccer player and man-who-can-wear-a-scarf Iker Casillas

k) That’s Bendigo coffee identity and sometime barista Corey Scoble.

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