“Seems perfectly alright,” said Mr. Loony Bin, head of The People For No Bum Sex In My Backyard Alliance.

After hours of standing with grown men, slapping each other on the back and cheering themselves horse, while watching fit, young, healthy men tackle and grapple with each other on a field of grass, Mr. Bin saw nothing wrong with watching the men hug.

“It’s a wonderful sight,” said Mr. Bin. “I’m excited for them.”

Imagine how excited he would be to watch grown men do more than just hug.

“I saw a few of them slap each other on the bottom and kiss on the cheek,” said Mr Bin. “They were certainly pumped up.”

Pretty much the whole nation was in favour of watching this large bunch of men fondle each other with joy.

“I was rooting for them too,” said Mr. Bin.

Despite a few naysayers, and near isolation not long ago, who could deny this moment in the sun?

“It has been a long time coming,” said Mr. Bin. “And it’s about time they got this reward.”

The result of all this hugging looks set to improve the economy, particularly in the West, with parties and cake and streamers.

“It’s a great stimulus, and so much happiness, all for being able to use those few small words ‘We are premieres’,” said Mr. Bin.

Who would have thought being able to say, even just one word, could make so much difference?