“It’s not like it’s Jimmy Barnes, or Meatloaf,” said Barry Jenkins, 37, White Hills.

Bendigo residents have expressed mild-delight about the last Saturday in September, with a football-ish style game heralding the start of cricket season.

“There’s not much else on the telly,” said Mr Jenkins.

The AFL Grand Final has started to break out of it’s niche audience, and that’s because everyone just wants an excuse for a beer.

“Australia versus New Zealand is what today is all about,” said Mr Jenkins.

It is true that the whole ball-kicking sport started as a fitness test before the cricket season.

“Only another few hours until the real games start,” said Mr Jenkins.

At time of writing, the cricket can not come soon enough!

“At least we’ll get some noble, role model worthy, honest, decent, engaging and relatable people on our screens,” said Mr Jenkins.

This is until the men’s cricket starts.