Channel 10 Begins Filming I’m From Bong Gully… Get Me Out Of Here ya ****!

Channel 10 have announced they have begun filming “I’m From Bong Gully… Get Me Out Of Here ya ****”. The show will feature 16 residents from Long Gully living together in a specially constructed commission house on Long Gully Reserve.

The show will feature two people named Shazza and a further ten people with names that are impossible to spell.  Participants will compete in challenges for beer and smokes for the camp involving local wildlife and law enforcement. Challenges will take the contestants out of their comfort zone by not calling each other the C-word for the entire series.

The Bush Tucker trials will involve bin scabbing the nearby service station for empty drink bottles to make a bong mixed with witchetty grubs and Kangaroo.

Problems have plagued previous winners. Last year’s winner Corenee failed to declare her winnings to Centrelink while Bacardi Hanson lost her lighter.

This year’s big prize up for grabs is being automatically exempted from Work For The Dole, permanently.

I’m From Bong Gully… Get Me Out Of Here ya ****! will air later on in the year along with The Real Housewives Of Strathfieldsaye.

Producers promise the drama will be real.

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