A New Era! The Standy To Be Distributed In Paper Form

Beginning from Friday, November 1, your favourite newspaper will be distributed for free every Friday to more than 50,000 homes, fish & chips shops and pubs across Bendigo and the surrounding region.

We thought “Hey, the market for a free weekly publication in paper form is non-existent now, we should do something. By the way, we’re out of Tim Tams and Milo.”

While we cannot get to every home, fish & chips shop and pub in our city, we try to ensure the real voice of Bendigo is available for everyone for free because that’s the kind of people we are.

Being the voice of Bendigo, we know the two things Bendigonians love on a Friday night: Ordering Fish & Chips on the way home from work and grabbing a drink at the pub with their mates (who may or may not be called either Jeff, Gazza, Bazza, Dazza or Duncan).

The paper will feature a 50-page property guide of all the places to avoid renting, photos of the most Instagram-able restaurants and two tons of advertising to annoy the people with Junk Mail signs.

If you don’t receive a copy of The Bendigo Standard to your home, go check with your neighbour and make sure they haven’t stolen it. Better yet, ask if they received a copy yet. If the answer is no, make sure to complain about it on Bendigo Have Your Say… they love that shit.

The Bendigo Standard
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