Bendigo Residents To Vote On Correct Pronunciation Of ‘Mall’

It’s an issue that has divided Bendigo residents for a long time, and now the residents of Bendigo are set to vote on the correct pronunciation of Mall. The local council has announced that it will hold a referendum to allow citizens to voice their opinions on this contentious issue: Should it be officially pronounced as “Mel” or “maul”?

The pronunciation has led to many fights in the mall and people yelling abuse at each other. Cr Mayor Andrea Metcalfe said the vote was a significant step forward for the city. “We have become a divided city because of this issue, and we need to settle it once and for all to move forward as a city,” the Mayor said today.

As the debate rages on, it’s clear that the correct pronunciation of “mall” will have a lasting impact. “Even pronouncing it as Pal Mel sounds too bogan,” said Carol Carmichael of Spring Gully. But Laurie Lawry of Ironbark had a different opinion. “Nah, Paul Maul sounds too posh,” he said.

Only time will tell which pronunciation will emerge victorious, but one thing is for certain: the people of Bendigo will never look at a mall the same way again.

The vote will be held by a show of hands from people standing in the Hargreaves Mall on a date to be determined by the council.

The Bendigo Standard
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