Bendigo To Host John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt Convention

Bendigo is set to host the first annual John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt Convention. The event will be hosted at the All Seasons Conference Centre next year. The convention, as announced by Mr Jingleheimer-Schmidt yesterday, is “invite only” for other people with the same name.

John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt, the talented song writer of the song “John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt”, believes that there are other people in the world with the same name too.

John-Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt, 34,  did research at a world name database site to search for other names like his and found there to be 5,000,000 other John Jacob-Jingleheimer Smith’s in the world.

John-Jacob (for short) says “The reason that I am planning this conference is because I am lonely, and so I can meet and go out with people to parties and have people shout my name as scull a keg of beer.

“This is the reason God has put me on this earth!”

The date has been set for sometime in the new year. Watch this space.

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