Dad’s Sneeze Sounds Like The Hulk Escaping A Vacuum Cleaner

Neighbours reported hearing a gunshot overnight. The sound confirms that Bob Felton from number 32 is sneezing his head off.

The sound could be heard from 5 blocks away, with people complaining about ruptured eardrums and animals crapping on couches.

“I thought someone was throwing garbage in their wheelie bin,” Bob’s neighbour said.

Professor Gunt Bunckley from the Melbourne Institute of Sneezology compares Screezes (A cross between a scream and a sneeze) to Big Bang Theory reruns: no one asks for it, and we have no idea why it keeps happening.

Bob Felton’s kids told The Bendigo Standard that their dad’s sneeze sounds like The Hulk escaping a vacuum. 

Mr Felton told his kids, “It wasn’t that bad.”

“It feels better than politely sneezing like I’m a character in a Jane Austin novel,” Mr Felton said.


The Bendigo Standard
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