Elephant At Melbourne Zoo Diagnosed With Peanut Allergy

Melbourne’s favourite Elephant Lafanda has had an allergic reaction to peanuts.

The elephant was fed a bag of peanuts this morning as part of his usual breakfast and started to swell up. The zoo staff were unable to lift the two ton animal and decided to inject a giant two metre EpiPen into its leg instead with a running start. The procedure required the help of six Zoo Keepers. Within ten minutes the swelling went down.

In an amazing turn of events, Zoo Keepers mistakenly discovered Lafanda was actually a giraffe. The swelling was so bad the giraffes neck looked like a trunk the giraffe had  turned black and blue colour trying to breathe which sounded like an elephants trumpet.

A local Zoo Keeper said “This mistake can happen to anyone.”

Lafanda the giraffe is expected to make a full recovery.

The Bendigo Standard
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