Kangaroo Flat Bus Evacuated After Woman Farts

A fart on a local Bendigo bus has caused an evacuation shortly after 4pm today.

The number 55 bus headed to Kangaroo Flat was evacuated after passengers complained of an overwhelming egg smell, light nausea and dry-retching.

Emergency services were called to the scene. Specially trained sniffer dogs were able to locate the origin of the smell down to the exact seat.

A culprit was soon identified as they were the first to deny it. The rest of the passengers reminded the perpetrator that ‘She who smelt it, dealt it’.

The Kangaroo Flat Fire Brigade were on hand with toilet spray and 100 cans of Lynx Africa to defeat the smell. Passengers completed their journey but complained about smelling like a teenage boys bedroom.

The Bendigo Standard
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