New Study Shows 50% of People Can’t Spill

A new studdy conducted by the Bendigo University of Linguistic Observations (BULO) reveels a shocking find: 50% of people can’t spill. Prof. Mike L. Tant of BULO, the main resercher, is knot surprised by theze results.

“Spilling is a lost fart,” said Prof. Taint, “Pepole are relying on autoerrect moor and moor, witch has left there spilling skills in the durt.”

The findins were met with mixd reactions. A local teacher, Mrs Wurdz, has taken the report to hart. “I can’t even describe how I feel about these studies without getting autocorrected,” she grumbled. “We kneed to bring back spilling bees and teach the future generation the importance of spilling.”

However, not evryone agrees. Bendigo’s resident spilling activist, Misty Nomer, callz the report “utter nonesense.” She argus that spilling is an outdated skill, with techknowledgy stepping in to save the day.

As the debeight rages on, it’s clear that spilling has become a hot topic in Bendigo. As for the other 50% of the population, they continue to glide through life, blissfully unaware of their misteaks.

The Bendigo Standard