Reminding People It’s Hot Will Cost You Under Tough New VIctorian laws

A new law has come into effect today that will fine people for simply reminding others it’s going to be a hot one.

A spokesperson for the local government ‘James Richards said “People can figure out it’s hot themselves. People have skin.” Their message is simple: “Don’t be that person. Just don’t do it.”

Local climate change activist Bacardi Bronson has welcomed the new ‘State The Bleeding Obvious’ law. “The hot air that comes out of people’s mouths when they talk unnecessarily is contributing to global warming. This law is just reminding people to think before they talk.”

Anyone caught breaking the law will risk a $300 fine and made to sit outside without a hat or sunscreen if people don’t respond with “Oh Derrr” or “No s#!t Sherlock”.

People are reminded to stay indoors, hit the pool or just wear their skeleton today as the mercury hits a record-breaking 45 degrees. Be careful out there, it’s gonna be a hot one…. Ah crap.

The Bendigo Standard
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