Woman Burns House Down After Discovering Spider In The Kitchen

A woman who found a Spider has taken drastic measures to keep her family safe by burning down her house.

After the spider was discovered she tried to kill it with an Elon Musk flame thrower her partner had bought from eBay days earlier.

CFA extinguished the fire but couldn’t save the 30 year old house. CFA Officer Mitch Rooney said “The house may be gone but so is the spider. At least you’ve got your health”.

The woman, 23-year-old mother of one Juicy Green said: “It was huge, did you see the size of that thing? I can’t live here with that thing crawling around my house trying to kill me in my sleep.”

This is not the first time someone has burned down their own house. In 2010, Gerry Frank burned down his house defending it from Vampires after seeing Twilight.


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