Study: 87% Who Say ‘Just a Quick Nap’ End Up Time-Travelling to Next Day

A recent study published in the Journal of Hypothetical Time Phenomena suggests that 87% of individuals who nonchalantly declare they are ‘just gonna take a quick nap’ end up time travelling to the next day.

“We were initially sceptical,” admitted Dr Harold Sanderson, lead investigator on the project, “but the data was undeniable”.

The study, conducted over several sleepy afternoons in undisclosed beds and couches (due to funding constraints), included a diverse group of participants ranging from overworked college students to professional cat-nappers. Surprisingly, the phenomenon was independent of nap duration, with some subjects reporting temporal displacement after mere minutes under the covers.

“Perhaps something profound about declaring one’s nap intentions triggers a quantum leap forward in time. Or maybe people are just exhausted,” Dr Sanderson told The Bendigo Standard, adjusting his spectacles.

As researchers scramble to secure additional funding for further investigations, one thing remains clear: if you’re planning a nap, prepare to wake up in the future.

The Bendigo Standard