Mum Stuns Internet With Photo Of Baby Born With A Tramp Stamp

Bendigo Health’s maternity ward welcomed a newborn baby girl overnight with an unexpected fashion statement: a butterfly tramp stamp. The one-day-old infant, named Poppy, is believed to be the youngest person in history to sport such an edgy tattoo.

Hospital staff were initially perplexed when they discovered the delicate design inked on Poppy’s lower back upon exiting the womb. Nurse Stephanie Jones, who witnessed the astonishing sight, exclaimed, “I’ve seen some unique birthmarks in my career, but this takes the cake!”

Critics argue that the tramp stamp may not align with traditional baby aesthetics, but the Thompsons remain unfazed. “Poppy is a trendsetter,” Peter proudly declared. “Who knows? Maybe she’ll start a baby tattoo craze!”

Only time will tell if baby Poppy’s butterfly tramp stamp will ignite a new fashion trend or fade into an adorable yet unconventional footnote in infant history.

The Bendigo Standard
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