Dad Barely Survives Horror Day At The Boxing Day Sales

Lance Thomas, 43 of Strathfieldsaye, has the look of a beaten man after taking his wife and three daughters to the Boxing Day sales in Chadstone today.

Speaking as if survived a natural disaster, the accounts manager said “It took us two hours to drive to Melbourne and then 5 hours to get a park, the girls reckon they found heaps of bargains but did they factor in the cost of petrol? I doubt it!”

Mr Thomas said he spent most of the day leaning against a pillar in the middle of the shopping centre, whilst his wife and daughter occasionally handed him bags of clothes and scented soaps to hang over his slumped shoulders. “I felt like a pack horse but with less will to live’.

‘I was so bored I read the herald sun three times over, and not just the sports pages, I read even Andrew Bolt’s column, and Andrew Bolt is shit” said an exhausted Mr Thomas.

Mr Thomas wasn’t the only dad having a bad day, “there were heaps of blokes and we all just stood there with our heads down, occasionally someone would ask for a cricket score but there were only two wickets for the day so there was shit all to talk about” mused Mr Thomas.

Mr Thomas said he will do the Boxing Day sales again next year as his wife and daughters had a wonderful day.

The Bendigo Standard
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