Bendigo Council Splashes Out On 100-Foot Tall Rubber Duck For Lake Weeroona

In a bold move to boost local tourism and “make a splash” in the art world, Bendigo Council has announced the purchase of a 100-foot tall rubber duck to float majestically on Lake Weeroona.

“We wanted something that will put Bendigo on the map,” said Mayor Andrea Metcalf, adjusting her duck-bill cap. “And what better way than a giant rubber duck? It’s timeless, it’s quirky, and it’s downright quackers!”

The rubber duck, named “Sir Quacksalot,” will reportedly cost taxpayers a cool $2.5 million. Critics have labelled the purchase “fowl play,” but the council insists the duck will pay for itself through increased tourism.

However, not everyone is floating on this wave of enthusiasm. Resident Sharon Garfield said, “This is an outrageous waste of our money. They could have fixed the potholes or funded the hospital, but no, we get a duck.”

Local fisherman Bob Short expressed concern: “I came for the fish, not a giant bath toy blocking my view.”

“I like big ducks, and I cannot lie”, said Sir Mix-A-Lot.

 Plans are already underway to install a 50-foot-tall rubber duckling next year.

The Bendigo Standard
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