Bendigo’s Oldest Pothole Nominated for State Heritage Listing

Bendigo’s oldest and most treacherous pothole has been nominated for state heritage listing.

The pothole, estimated to have formed during the last Ice Age, has become a beloved landmark for generations of Bendigo residents who have affectionately dodged it while driving, biking, or merely attempting to walk without tripping. “It’s like a rite of passage,” said one local.

Historians are busy uncovering the ancient stories that surround the pothole. “Legend has it that it once swallowed a horse and cart whole,” a local historian told The Bendigo Standard. “But hey, it’s all part of the rich tapestry of Bendigo’s history.”

City officials, attempting to put a positive spin on the situation, claimed that the pothole had become a beloved local landmark. “Tourists come from as far as Wagga to experience the thrill of swerving to avoid the abyss,” said one Greater Bendigo City Council spokesperson.

More to come.

The Bendigo Standard
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