Scientists Discover Earth is Just a Giant Pancake. Flat Earthers Over The Moon

In a groundbreaking discovery that has sent shockwaves through the scientific community, researchers at the Bendigo Institute of Geology have confirmed that the Earth is, in fact, a colossal pancake.

Flat Earthers worldwide are celebrating the news: “We told you so! Nah, Nah, Na Na, Nah”.

According to Dr. Mary Maple, the lead scientist on the project, this astonishing revelation was made when she accidentally poured maple syrup on a topographical map during breakfast. “It was like a light bulb moment,” she said. “The syrup followed the contours of the land, and it suddenly hit me – the Earth is just a giant pancake!”

Following this initial discovery, Dr. Maple and her team conducted rigorous tests, including using ground-penetrating radar, seismic imaging, and pancake flipping to verify their hypothesis further. They were shocked to find that the Earth’s crust is indeed comprised of a delicious, fluffy batter.

Renowned astrophysicist Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson expressed his astonishment at the findings. “I’ve spent my entire career studying the cosmos and now questioning everything. If Earth is a pancake, does that mean the moon is just a giant dollop of whipped cream?”

In response to this revelation, Pancake Kitchen has been named the official sponsor of Earth. CEO Syrup McButterworth released a statement expressing their excitement: “We always knew that pancakes were the centre of the universe, but now it’s official! We are proud to be the official sponsor of this delicious planet.”

The Bendigo Standard
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