Mum Swaps Son’s Room for Grandma; Kid’s World Crumbles

A local mother ordered her son, Jarod, to vacate his room to visit Grandma Ethel. The 7-year-old was reportedly stunned by the request, as he had just finished an impressive Lego model.

“I’ve been working on my Death Star for months,” Jarod lamented, staring at his beloved poster of a kitten clinging to a branch. “Now I have to bunk with my older brother, who snores like a chainsaw.”

The decision has left Jarod questioning his very existence. “You never let me do anything! I’m not a little kid anymore!”

Meanwhile, Grandma Ethel appeared unfazed by the controversy. Sources confirm she spent the day knitting a sweater for her cat, Mr Whiskers, who was unavailable for comment.

Jarod’s father, Felix, attempted to console his son. “It’s only for a week, mate. Besides, it’s not like she’s stealing your stuff or anything.”

As the situation escalated, Jarod mulled over the idea of camping in the backyard. “At least there, I can escape my brother’s loud snoring.”

At press time, Grandma Ethel had reportedly hijacked the TV remote, forcing the entire family to watch reruns of Murder, She Wrote and The Golden Girls.

The Bendigo Standard
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