The Most Popular Airtasker Job For Each Bendigo Suburb


In a groundbreaking investigation that nobody asked for, The Bendigo Standard has delved into the enigmatic world of Airtasker to uncover the most popular job in every nook and cranny of Bendigo. Forget about fixing leaky taps or assembling IKEA furniture – the residents of Bendigo are getting creative with their requests. Here’s our exclusive list of the most popular AirTasker jobs for each Bendigo suburb:

So, in no particular order (except alphabetically)…

California Gully: “Professional Hedge Whisperer”

In Cal Gully, hedges have become the latest confidants for stressed-out residents. Taskers are hired to engage in deep, therapeutic conversations with the greenery, fostering a sense of calm and understanding. Rumour has it that some hedges are excellent listeners, and some are complete jerks.

Epsom: “Duck Parade Choreographer”

Move over, cat videos – Epsom is obsessed with ducks. Taskers orchestrate daily duck parades with synchronised quacking and perfectly choreographed waddling. It’s the must-see event that has the whole neighbourhood honking in approval.*

Flora Hill: “Lawn Bowl Whisperer”

In the leafy lanes of Flora Hill, residents are seeking someone to provide sage advice on mastering the art of lawn bowling. Rumour has it that the secret to a perfect roll involves a mysterious blend of technique and ancient wisdom.

Golden Square: “Cat Masseuse”

Pet pampering takes on a new meaning in Golden Square, where feline enthusiasts are on the lookout for skilled cat masseuses. Yes, you read that right. The suburb’s cats are apparently in need of some profound relaxation.

Huntly: “Pet Exorcist”

Huntly seems to have a pet possession problem. Residents are desperate for an expert in pet exorcism to rid their best friends of any ghostly attachments and restore peace to their homes.

Ironbark: “Professional Thumb Wrestler”

Residents of Ironbark have a thumb wrestling league that’s gaining international attention. They’re looking for professionals who can take their thumb-wrestling skills to the next level. Extra points if you can execute a flawless figure-eight maneuver.

Jackass Flat: “Paranormal Plumber”

In Jackass Flat, locals believe their pipes are haunted, and they’re looking for a plumber with a sixth sense. The job involves fixing leaky taps while engaging in friendly banter with the resident ghost. Bonus points if you can convince the apparition to chip in for plumbing expenses.

Junortoun: “Pothole Poetry Slam Organizer”

Junortoun residents are turning their road grievances into an artistic spectacle. Airtaskers are now orchestrating poetry slams about potholes, turning infrastructure complaints into lyrical masterpieces.

Kangaroo Flat: “Lawnmower Ballet Choreographer”

In Kangaroo Flat, lawns aren’t just patches of green – they’re stages for elaborate lawnmower ballet performances. Taskers are sought to choreograph lawnmower’s synchronised dance, turning mundane grass-cutting into a mesmerising spectacle.

Kennington: “Goldfish Psychologist”

Kennington pet owners are concerned about the emotional well-being of their goldfish. They’re on the lookout for a compassionate psychologist who can provide therapy sessions for their aquatic companions, ensuring they swim through life with a positive mindset.

Long Gully: “Professional Sock Puppeteer”

Long Gully residents seem to have a peculiar affinity for sock puppets. An increasing number of locals are looking for someone to bring their sock puppet dreams to life. From epic Shakespearean dramas to gripping soap operas, these sock puppeteers are tasked with entertaining the masses one toe at a time.

Maiden Gully: “Tinfoil Hat Crafters”

Maiden Gullyans are looking for people to provide immediate, on-call service for residents who believe in… well… whatever. Extra pay if the tinfoil hat is bedazzled.

Marong: “Professional Bingo Caller for Family Dinners”

In Marong, families are seeking the expertise of a professional bingo caller to add excitement to their mundane dinners. The lucky winner gets to choose the evening’s conversation topic while enjoying the sweet taste of victory.

North Bendigo: “Cuddling Consultants”

Residents in North Bendigo have found solace in hiring cuddling consultants to bring joy and relaxation to their daily lives.

Quarry Hill: “Dog Birthday Planner”


In Quarry Hill, residents are enlisting the services of someone to plan dog birthday parties. As one human year is seven dog years, throwing a party for your dog every couple of months is extremely popular.

Strathdale: “Moonwalking Marathon Trainer”

Strathdale has a deep-seated desire to bring back the moonwalk in a big way. Airtaskers in this suburb are actively looking for professional moonwalking instructors to lead them through a marathon of Michael Jackson’s signature move. The more sequins, the better.

Strathfieldsaye: “Professional Dog Poop Picker-Upper”

Residents in Strathfieldsaye prefer to keep their streets clean, and apparently, this job requires a unique skill set that only a few possess. People are willing to pay craploads so they don’t have to do it themselves.

Spring Gully: “Emoji Translator”

In this tech-savvy suburb, locals are desperately seeking an Emoji Translator to help them decipher the cryptic messages sent by their teenage kids. It seems 😂🤷‍♂️ isn’t as straightforward as it looks.

White Hills: “Professional Bubble Wrap Popper”

White Hills residents are seeking the ultimate stress relief by hiring someone to follow them around and pop bubble wrap on demand. The more stressful the situation, the faster the bubble wrap popper must respond. It’s a delicate dance between anxiety and auditory satisfaction.

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