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5 Places In Bendigo To Fart Without People Knowing It Was You


Need a place to fart in public while shopping in Bendigo? Let us help.

Food Courts

With all the noise and different smells, no one is going to be able to tell.

Kmart Kangaroo Flat

With a long queue for at least 2 minutes, no one is going to know where it came from.

Any Baby Section

What we meant to say was any baby but that would be cruel. We’re not saying to drop one near a baby but parents are almost guaranteed to think it’s their own kid and not some horrible human that walked by.

Any Gym

There’s a high risk of dropping one when pumping iron but the reward is worth it. You can also cover it up with a grunt.

Maccas Playground

You might be thinking “But that’s what it smells like” and you’re correct. We just needed the 5th thing for this list because 4 is boring.

You realise no one cleans the things right? When was the last time you saw a Maccas staff member climb inside with a can of Glen 20 and a rag?


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