Bendigo Council Elections: Recommended Eppalock Ward Candidates

We continue with our last-minute coverage of local candidates.

Gerald Shingles

I’m 25 and a huge fan of wards. I’ve been in and out of hospital wards my entire life. My favourite ward is Burt Ward who played Robin in 60’s Batman series. I have a plan to boost tourism to Lake Eppalock by bringing back the Marilyn Monroe statue and offering cars found at the bottom of the lake to people buying their first cheap car. Not only that but plan to turn Lake Eppalock into a 2000 seat cricket ground when it dries up.

Sharon Smootts

I’m a passionate arts supporter. I am involved with local theatre companies. My experience in auditioning for Australia’s Got Talent 6 times has helped me understand the needs of the local arts. I’m a pretty good artist. When I was 8 my art piece won 1st prize in the Bendigo Show.


Frank Allnighter

I’m 22 years old and believe traffic and roads are an important issue for the community. You may have seen me on Highway Patrol being pulled over on my way home from Groovin The Moo. We don’t have many choices when it comes to public transport and I don’t trust Johnno on Bendigo Lifts For Cash. Vote for me and I will petition to widen Napier Street another two lanes. I will even fill in every pothole personally. I will hold the council accountable for spending.

Hermoine Sweater-Pants

I believe environmental issues are important to Bendigo. That is why I propose a plan to introduce 2 extra bins. One for that stuff you can’t sell on Bendigo Buy and Sell, and the other for those 80’s fads you collected. I have to go now and make an influencer video for my cats.


Inanimate Carbon Rod

I was a component of the NASA Corvair space shuttle and was lodged in a shuttle door in a failed space mission, allowing all the other astronauts a safe return to Earth. I was featured on the cover of Time magazine.

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