Victoria Bans Gas Connections, Opting for Power from Politicians’ Hot Air Instead

The Victorian government has taken a decisive step in its commitment to sustainability by announcing a ban on gas connections for new residential dwellings. According to Energy and Resources Minister Lily D’Ambrosio, the focus will now shift entirely to electricity for powering homes.

Starting January 1, politicians’ seemingly endless hot air will be harnessed as a renewable energy source.

The decision to utilize politicians’ hot air as an energy source has sparked diverse reactions. Some sceptics expressed concerns about whether there will be enough hot air to meet energy demands, considering the continuous debates and empty promises that emanate from Parliament House daily.

Environmentalists are delighted with the potential. “Politicians are the true pioneers of renewable energy,” activist Jess Green declared. “Dan Andrews generates so much hot air that it could power a small village for an entire month!”

Many residents welcome the news. One citizen humorously stated, “At least now, when they talk nonsense, it’ll have a purpose!”

“Finally, something useful from our leaders!” one local told The Bendigo Standard.

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