Rival Gangs of Bin Chickens Engage in Battle Over Botanical Gardens Bins

Local Bin Chickens, known for their fearless pursuit of discarded chips and half-eaten Macca’s, have taken their territorial disputes to new heights—or rather, new rubbish bins.

Eyewitnesses report scenes reminiscent of a feathery version of West Side Story, with the “Beak Street Boys” dramatically squawking, “When you’re a bin chicken, you’re a bin chicken all the way,” as they face off against their feathered foes.

Local authorities are grappling with the fowl situation, unsure whether to call in pest control or just host a bin-themed reality show.

Residents are advised to stay indoors and keep their popcorn on hand as this gritty saga unfolds in the unlikely battleground of the bins.

More to come.

The Bendigo Standard
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