Penguins Lobby Melbourne Aquarium for Bowties

In a move that has ruffled more than a few feathers, the penguin population at Melbourne Aquarium have launched a formal petition demanding bowties. While charming, the dapper birds argue that their current attire lacks the grandeur necessary for public appearances.

“We’re so fancy,” stated Pierre, the emperor penguin leading the movement. “These suits by themselves do not reflect how fancy we are.”

The penguins have gathered over 1,000 signatures, including support from notable aquatic residents such as Fomo the clownfish and Todd the shark. Aquarium staff are reportedly baffled but amused by the request. “We never anticipated our penguins’ fashion preferences,” said curator Fiona Bubbly. But we’re taking their concerns seriously.”

“What do you want us to do? Perform in a paper bag?” Pierre asked.

As negotiations continue, the city braces for potential disruptions in the penguin fashion industry. Fashion critics speculate whether this movement will spark a global trend in oversized avian accessories or if it’s just a flight of fancy.

The Bendigo Standard
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