Old Man Still Hates Doing 50km/h

“Yeah, it’s like doing a tax return or drinking skim milk.

“I just can’t adjust,” said Kevin Nolan, 68, Sailors Gully.

Mr Nolan doesn’t even like that they changed the bus route.

“It’s not just a street away.

“They changed the numbers!” he said.

What a twat.

Still, the biggest thing he can’t manage is the whole change of speeds from 60 to 50 per hour.

“It’s like, my car doesn’t want to do it.

“You know?

“The engine revs too high.

“I mean, the whole car isn’t designed to glide at 50, but because some dip shit kids can’t figure out that running onto a road is freeking dangerous, I have to break the revs all the freeking time.”

What would you do to put evolution back 15 years (until the next war)?

Run over a few stupid kids in the hope of wiping out the low gene pool?

No that would be wrong.

“So I got to keep doing 50 in a former 60 zone.

“It’s stupid,” said Mr Nolan.

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