Riot Squad Called After A Red Cordial Party Gets Out Of Hand

Police were called to a Kangaroo Flat home last night after a Red Cordial Party got out of hand.

A Facebook invite to an underage cordial party was accidentally set as public and not private. Within hours, approximately 500 people turned up unexpectedly bringing bottles of Cottee’s cordial with them.

Police failed to shut down the hyperactive crowd with the majority screaming, baying at the moon and singing “My dad picks his bum.”

Neighbours were upset after some of the crowd toilet papered their houses and raced each other in wheelie bins.

Riot squad with water canon’s were able to bring the crowd under control 5 hours.

20 people were arrested after police sniffer dogs found drugs only to release them 2 hours later after discovering it was only Gatorade Electrolyte powder.

Police and health professionals have warned against drinking cordial without watering it down. This comes after an 18 year old died during schoolies week on the Gold Coast after consuming 2 litres of un-diluted cordial with 5 different flavours all mixed together with a cocktail umbrella.

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