Lansell Square Gym Buffs Feel The Burn In Epic Battle Against Daniel’s Donuts

Members of Anytime Fitness at Lansell Square are exercising their dismay as they find themselves surrounded by the irresistible allure of Daniel’s Donuts, conveniently located a dumbbell’s throw away.

The aroma wafting from Daniel Donuts has become a siren song for unsuspecting gym-goers, luring them away from treadmills and into the calorie-laden clutches of temptation.

“It’s like Daniel strategically placed his doughnut shop to test our commitment to burpees and bicep curls.”

One disgruntled gym member, Kanye Liftbro, quipped, “I thought I joined Anytime Fitness, not ‘Anytime I Can Grab a Doughnut’.”

While personal responsibility remains as distant as a cheat day for some, others demand relocation of Daniels Donuts, suggesting it be launched into space on a SpaceX Falcon 9.

The gym management will offer noseplugs as part of their membership perks.

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