Elon Musk Set To Test Cybertruck’s Bulletproof Armour With A Drive Through Hargreaves Mall

Elon Musk has announced his daring plan to put the bulletproof armour of his beloved Cybertruck to the ultimate test – a leisurely cruise through the Hargreaves Mall.

The announcement has sparked a mix of amusement and scepticism among Bendigo residents. Some are hailing Musk as a modern-day knight, while others are betting on whether the Cybertruck will emerge unscathed or adorned with more dents than a golf ball.

“If the Cybertruck can survive a leisurely drive through Hargreaves Mall unscathed, it can withstand anything,” Musk declared confidently.

Musk plans to face the challenges of skateboarders, anti-social behaviour, and the occasional Eshay. Local authorities, however, are less enthused about Musk’s stunt, with Mayor Cr Andrea Metcalf cautioning, “We appreciate Mr Musk’s confidence, but we would prefer he stick to intergalactic travel and saving the planet and leave chaos to the experts.”

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