Grown Adult Still Traumatised By Faceless Doll In 90’s Kids Show

A grown adult in his 40’s has revealed to his partner he still has nightmares involving the faceless doll from 90’s kids show Lift Off.

“EC”, the notorious faceless, genderless doll, was supposed to represent “every child” but instead represented their nightmares.

Hamilton Cunningham, 42 from Long Gully said “I slept in my parent’s bed until I was 15. That’s why I’m an only child.”

Mr Cunningham believes Lift Off was the Aussie version of Sesame Street, if Elmo killed your family.

Local childhood worker and trainee psychologist Moira Lovins wonders why everything in Australian TV tried to kill 90’s kids. “That face on Mulligrubs was the equivalent to Grandma licking her thumb and cleaning your face.”

“At least in Johnson and Friends the toys didn’t come alive and try to kill you in your sleep.” she said. “Wait, is Toy Story a Johnson and Friends rip off?”

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