Scoop: It’s Not Actually Called Lansell Plaza Anymore

In a shocking turn of events a Bendigo based local has discovered that Lansell Plaza isn’t a place any more.

“It’s called Lansell Square. Yeah, I know, right?” said the informer.

Apparently it gets worse.

“It hasn’t been Lansell Plaza for years. It was Centro Lansell before it was the Square,” she said.

You want to hear something really messed up?

“It was originally Marong Village.”

It’s not even anywhere near Marong.

This reporter was too shocked to check any of these facts, but you know, they’re probably right.

Why would someone lie about this?

I mean, sure, it seems someone lied about the general location of Marong, but aside from that titbit the rest of this is probably true.

At least the Bendigo Standard can confirm Lansell Plaza is not the place name.

“It totally says Lansell Square,” said the informer, and they are right.

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