La Trobe’s Bruce Week Rises from the Ashes, Now Named After WIN News Presenter

La Trobe University has decided to revive its long-lost Bruce Week, a special annual event. But this time, it’s not just a week of parties and fun.

The revived Bruce Week is dedicated to honouring the legacy of Bruce Roberts, the iconic news presenter for WIN News. Students and faculty alike express their excitement for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“Bruce Week was such a big part of Bendigo’s history,” explained one nostalgic student. “Now we get to celebrate it again, but with a twist!”

Bruce Week is set to feature a series of events, including a Bruce Lookalike Contest, a “Breaking News” dance-off, and the highly anticipated “Bruce-Off,” where students will compete to see who can deliver the most accurate and passionate Bruce Roberts-style news report.

“I’m thrilled to see Bruce Week return,” said a grinning professor. “It’s a unique way to pay tribute to one of Bendigo’s greatest treasures.”

Bruce Roberts himself expressed his surprise and gratitude for the honour. “I never imagined my career would inspire a university event,” he said with pride and bewilderment.

Though Bruce Week was put to rest in 2021, the spirit of Bendigo’s midyear celebrations couldn’t be extinguished. The La Trobe Student Association has been flooded with requests for more Bruce-inspired festivities.

As one student said, “We’re just thrilled to have an excuse to celebrate again, and what better way than by honouring a legend?”

La Trobe University and the Bendigo Student Association have yet to comment on whether Bruce Week will continue to be named after Bruce Roberts. But for now, the students of Bendigo are gearing up to honour their news presenter in the most laughable way possible.

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