Mature Age Student Excited By Lozenge in Gift Bag

In a chance encounter, a Bendigo Standard reporter and a mature age Bendigo La Trobe student met at a crucial moment.

‘What do you reckon this is?’ asked Stewart “Grandpa” Jones, 37, while holding a condom sized packet at head height.

The journalist declined knowledge.

‘Do you think it could be a lozenge?’

The journalist said he was unsure.

‘I’m not hopeful,’ said Mr Jones, licking his lips and beginning to tug at the indents.

‘I’ve already tired using the moist towelette, except the packet was missing the towel and it was just a small bag of sticky water.’

Mr Jones’ feeble old hands tugged some more.

‘It tasted okay though.’

Unable to read the label due to hyperopia, the grey bearded oldie, slumped in a bean bag in the Student Union because it’s good for his back, was relieved to find, ‘There’s something in here.’

He picked the something out.

‘Hmm,’ he put it in his mouth.

‘Rubbery,’ he took it out.

‘It’s either out-of-date or,’ with a tilt as if a piano accordion the middle expanded.

‘Or it’s a device to preserve bananas.’

The journalist said that was unlikely.

‘I could put a banana in there.’

The journalist discourage this.

‘It would seal a half eaten one.’

The journalist discourage this.

‘Salami storage?’

The journalist discourage this.

‘Well, its not a lozenge, let’s agree to that.’

The journalist agreed.

It wasn’t a lozenge.

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