Council Commits $50m for ‘Rough Surface – Slow Down’ Signs

City of Greater Bendigo has committed $50 million for ‘Rough Surface – Slow Down signs’ to address the deterioration of local roads without actually addressing the problem.

“There’s so much red tape. You should see it all. We were going to build a room at the council office just for it but we’re still waiting for approval” COGB’s Geraldine Holden said. “Last week the red tape dispenser broke so we’re waiting for another one to arrive.”

John Johanson from the city traffic department said. “We’re not superheroes unless that superpower was the ability to repair roads.”

“The Rough Surface – Slow down sign is the Chris Hemsworth of signs. He played Thor so I guess you could say it’s a sign from God” Mr Johanson said.

The Council plans to recruit workers from Japan who made news internationally after they repaired a mega-pothole in a week. Something which would take councils in Australia 5 years to repair due to red tape.

“Do you see how much rain we’ve been getting? We don’t work in the rain due to OH&S issues.” Lindsay Watts a local traffic controller said. “Our machinery and roads get soaked and we have to wait for it to dry out. The whole process can take a couple of months.”


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