Bendigo Bank Rolls Out Man Flu Leave

Bendigo Bank has announced the introduction of a revolutionary new Man Flu leave policy exclusively designed for male employees.

According to the bank’s HR department, this revolutionary leave policy acknowledges the debilitating nature of man flu and grants men the much-needed time off to recover from their severe cases of the sniffles.

While some critics argue that this move perpetuates gender stereotypes, Bendigo Bank’s Jim Bluntly believes it’s a crucial step toward equality. “Our male employees deserve to be treated with the same compassion and understanding as our female staff,” he stated, clutching a tissue and coughing intermittently.

Under the new policy, male employees will be entitled to a generous seven days of leave per year to recover from the dreaded Man Flu. Moreover, in a gesture of generosity, Bendigo Bank will also provide complimentary tissues, chicken soup, and a DVD collection of classic ’80s action movies to aid in the healing process.

They have even pledged to extend the policy to include “Stubbed Toe Compensation” and “Post-Match Disappointment Leave” for Richmond supporters.

Only time will tell whether other institutions will follow Bendigo Bank’s lead. Until then, men around the country can breathe a congested sigh of relief, knowing that their sniffles will be taken seriously and their suffering acknowledged.

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