Strath Dad Anticipates Another Damn Lynx Africa Gift Set For Christmas

Local dad Gary Jefferies can hardly contain his joy at the imminent arrival of yet another Lynx Africa gift set this Christmas.

Gary has allegedly been spotted rehearsing his surprised reaction in front of the bathroom mirror.

“I can’t wait to smell like a 90’s kids’ bedroom for the 15th consecutive year,” he told The Bendigo Standard with unparalleled sarcasm.”I still haven’t opened last year’s gift set.”

Friends and family, equally enthralled by the thrilling predictability, marvelled at Jefferies’ ability to maintain unbridled enthusiasm for the same Lynx-scented journey every festive season. “It’s like a fragrant Groundhog Day,” mused Jefferies’ bemused wife.

As the countdown to the annual Lynx-unwrapping spectacle begins, Gary’s kids await his unfiltered joy. After all, who needs variety when you can smell like a bus?

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