Bendigo Bank Christmas Party Runs Out of Mistletoe; Forced to Settle for Handshakes

The Bendigo Bank Christmas party planning committee was left scrambling for alternatives when their mistletoe supply ran out. Witnesses reported panic among attendees as they realised the traditional holiday smooch was off the table.

An unnamed employee lamented, “I was looking forward to dodging awkward conversations with a strategic mistletoe ambush. Now I’m stuck exchanging polite handshakes like it’s a job fair.”

Desperate to salvage the festive spirit, the committee distributed novelty-sized candy canes for impromptu sword fights. They suggested a “high-five only” policy to avoid the monotony of handshakes. 

Despite the mishap, Bendigonians are determined to make the best of the situation, proving once again that when life gives you a shortage of mistletoe, shake on it.

The Bendigo Standard
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