Golden Square Man Looks For Positives in Girlfriend Moving In With Him

“There’ll be sex on tap I suppose,” reasoned Mr Kydin Yeast, 27, Golden Square, as his girlfriend, Ms Aimlee Williams, 26, plans to move in with him. “She could also help with washing the dishes and doing some cooking.”

“I aren’t cooking for him,” stated Ms Williams when contacted for comment, “or cleaning. What the hell does he think I am?”

“I said help,” stated Mr Yeast once informed of Ms Williams’ response. “I said she could help with that stuff!”

“I’m not the Help,” insisted Ms Williams in a follow up interview. “I’m not doing his laundry or making the bed for him!”

“What are you doing?” said Mr Yeast. His voice was tight. Perhaps his lungs were squeezed by him being on his knees. “I could be getting sex on tap! Sex on tap!”

The Bendigo Standard contacted Ms Williams again.

“Does he think I’m going to be some live-in prostitute? Is that what he thinks? To hell with that. I make more money than him. Tell him it’s over.”

At this point the Bendigo Standard declined to contact Mr Yeast for further comment.

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