Divine Intervention Sought For Napier St Roadworks

With all other options exhausted, Bendigo’s Christian community are calling on God to help with the Napier St roadworks and will hold a prayer vigil this Saturday evening at the site of the roadworks.

The event is being organised by Bendigo Christian Sally Jones who said everything else has been tried.

“Scott Cam has offered his services, people tried bribing the workers to work faster on the project and have asked locals to help with completion. The only option now is that we turn to God for help” Ms Jones said.

The response has been so significant that even Catholics and Protestants and said to be putting aside their differences over the last 500 years to join together for this event which has even enticed some sceptics to be involved. “I’m not sure if God exists but we must try all avenues to put an end to these roadworks,” said Simon Smith of White Hills.

The Napier St roadworks were due for completion in 1987.

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