UPF: “We Hate Puppies and Kittens”

United Patriots Front, a populist far-right street protest movement, announced on their Twitter feed last night they hate puppies and kittens. “Muslims are training cats and dogs to take over Australia with their cuteness” said head honcho Willie Powell. “You can’t trust them, their looks are deceiving” said Mr. Powell.

Mr Powell continued “Cats and Dogs were bought to Australia by Muslims 200 years ago to fight the rabbit and fox problem. We have to be careful because next they’ll be taking our country over.”

UPF Vice President Jeff Gribble said “We even coined the saying ‘raining cats and dogs’ You just can’t trust them. Next cats will be taking over the jobs of seeing-eye dogs and Police Dogs. Have you ever heard of a Police cat? They’ll even work their way up as sniffer cats in Australian Airports.”

The RSPCA are disgusted by their actions after a member of the UPF demanded all their animals in the shelter be put to sleep. When asked about this Mr Powell backtracked his statement “What we actually mean is that they should be sleeping because they were tired.”

UPF are planning a protest rally at every RSPCA Australia wide next Saturday.

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