Local Dad Wears Socks With Sandals; Secretly Believes He’s A Fashion Icon

Locals witnessed Geoff Holes proudly strolling through the Easter festivities in socks with slides this weekend. Witnesses claim the self-proclaimed fashion icon sported a smug grin, clearly believing his footwear choice was revolutionary.

The daring dad attributed his fashion sense to an “innate gift,” despite his wife’s regular reminders that he once wore cargo pants to a wedding.

“I’m in my 40’s, and I don’t give a rip,” declared Mr Holes, admiring his reflection in a shop window.

“He’s got the confidence of someone asking for more serviettes from KFC,” an onlooker said.

Despite the mixed reactions, Holes remains undeterred. He’s even considering starting an Instagram or TikTok to showcase his revolutionary wardrobe choices. “It’s time dads take back the fashion world,” he proclaimed, adjusting his socks.

Mr Holes’ teenage daughter, Shade, expressed her frustration. “He thinks he’s a trendsetter, but it’s just embarrassing. I’m begging him to stop.”

As the fashion-forward dad continues his crusade, Bendigo residents brace themselves for the next wave of hilarious yet horrifying fashion statements that will surely test the limits of good taste.

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