Building Evacuated After Work Colleague Sprays Lynx Africa

A colleague was forced to evacuate the building after spraying a copious amount of Lynx Africa deodorant. The incident left the entire office gasping for air.

The man, who has asked to remain anonymous, felt self-conscious about his body odour. He purchased the infamous Lynx Africa deodorant, which promised to keep him smelling fresh and manly all day long.

However, things quickly spiralled out of control when he sprayed Lynx Africa a few too many times. The overpowering scent spread throughout the office, causing widespread panic among his coworkers.

“I was in the middle of a meeting when I started smelling this god-awful stench,” said one coworker. “The entire office smells like a 15-year-olds bedroom.”

The situation quickly became dire as more and more people started coughing and wheezing. The building’s fire alarm was triggered, and everyone was ordered to evacuate immediately.

Thankfully, A local priest was able to exorcise the smell. The office had to be aired for hours before people could consider returning to work.

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