Top Ten Places To Vomit In Bendigo

Outside Mr Bob’s Sports Bar (pictured)

One way to match the outside with the inside is to vomit both outside and inside. Even if inside already looks like it.


Fuck them. Call it Metro all you want dickheads. It’s Puggs.

The Library


Rossie Park Rotunda

If it smells like vom, and looks like vom, it is probably lying in the middle of the rotunda, sleeping.

Lake Weeroona.

Got to feed those ducks somehow.

Eaglehawk Playground

You don’t plan it sometimes, but that hamster wheel after six Cock Sucking Cowboys and a Jager shot at the Camp means, well, Newton’s First Law.

Micky Mouse Hill

What did you just do, or rather, who did you just do?

Strath Hill Car Park

None will see you there. Ever.

Central Deborah Goldmine

Add carrots to the chunks of gold.

Bush Pig Inn

Fuck it nobody will care. It’s called the Bush Pig. Vomit in your own shoe and wear it. Standards aren’t really a thing.

Farmers Arms

You’re on the way to Heathcote. You know you need to spew.

Epsom Sports Grounds

It’ll takes weeks for anybody to find it or you.

La Trobe Visual Art Galley, View St

Put $5,000 on it. You could make a quid. Swanky.


Put $5 on it. You could get a pot. Likely.

Kangaroo Flat

No one will notice.

Long Gully

They think McDonald’s is a restaurant. Charge $15 and call it fine dining.

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